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  • Magazine introduction

    In the year of 2009, Electrical Technology Press Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Magazine) is established. It is a state-owned media enterprise wholly owned by China Electrotechnical Society. Magazine, which integrates academic journals, websites, conference activities and new media, devotes itself to creating a platform for academic communication in the field of electrical engineering and providing valuable academic and technical information services for domestic and foreign electrical engineering scientists and technicians.

    At present, there are three officially authoritative journals published by Magazine. Brand Technology Journal "Electrical Engineering" (monthly); Ei included journal "Transaction of China Electrotechnical Society" (semi-monthly); and Ei recommended Journal "China Electrotechnical Society Transactions on Electrical Machines and Systems (CES TEMS)" (English Quarterly).

    With these three journals as the core, Magazine has formed a unique academic communication cluster in the industry. Under the leadership of China Association for Science and Technology, China Electrotechnical Society and the editorial committees of the journals, it has been deeply rooted in the various disciplines of electrical engineering and has become an important academic platform for disseminating, communicating and cultivating innovative thinking in the field of electrical engineering in China. It has laid a solid foundation and strong intellectual support for the development and innovation of academic and industrial technology in the field of electrical engineering in China, and has been widely recognized by experts, scholars and engineers.

    Currently, the development of the industry has provided Magazine with rich content and many innovative themes. Magazine will firmly grasp the opportunities given by the times, take the industrial revitalization and academic prosperity as its own responsibility and join hands with the majority of electrical engineering scientists to make more contributions to the progress and strength of science and technology in the field of electrical engineering in China.


    Electrical Technology Press Co., Ltd.

    Address: 10th F., Tianlian Building, #102, lianhuachidong Road, Xicheng District, Beijing, 100055

    Contact information:

    "Electrical Engineering ": +86-10-63256943

    E-mail: dianqijishu@126.com

    "Transaction of China Electrotechnical Society": +86-10-63256949;63256981

    E-mail: dgjsxb@vip.126.com

    "China Electrotechnical Society Transactions on Electrical Machines and Systems (CES TEMS)": +86-10-63256823, 63256983

    E-mail: cestems@126.com

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